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Custom Orders

 Let us know how we can help you decide on a design that will look great with an outfit, on a trip or in a home..We can digitize a unique design for a family reunion, a girls weekend or dream vacation, a bridal party or any other occasion.  Fill out our quote form or contact us today to get started!

Make a Statement with Personalized Embroidered Gifts

In our modern world, people are more interested than ever in making outward statements about their individuality through fashion. It’s one of the core reasons that art forms such as knitting have made such a huge comeback in the 21st century.

While many of us may not be have the time and patience for hand knitting, we can all benefit from the convenience of tasteful and thoughtful machine crafted personalized gifts. What better way to reflect your interests and hobbies than through customizing your hats, totes and backpacks? Additionally, what better way to recognize your friends and loved ones than with a personalized embroidered design reflecting their favorite saying or an item embellished with a fond nickname or monogrammed initials?

The rising popularity of personalized gifts, combined with technological advances in embroidery machines, makes it easier than ever for everyone to enjoy fashions and accessories that are customized to their individual lifestyle.

Imagine, for example, going to the grocery store with a personalized market tote skillfully adorned with your favorite symbol or characterization, or presenting your favorite bookworm with a chic and stylish monogrammed book cover. The possibilities for creating  exciting fashion statements with embroidered personalized gifts are practically endless, but they’ll always be appreciated.

The Stichin’ Chicks have been fashioning incredible personalized gifts for years. With our experience and creativity, along with your ideas, we’ll draft tailor-made designs fit for you or that special someone.