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We pride ourselves on making each client's gift unique and personalized .Its so important  to give a beautiful baby gift to a new Mom. We would be happy to help you decide upon a design for a new blanket, Baby Cubbies or anything you'd like. Fill out our quote form or contact us today to get started on your one of a kind gift!!

Baby Keepsakes, Yesterday and Today

No matter the time period, the arrival of a new child has always been a memorable event. The giving of baby keepsakes can be traced back to the Egyptians and Romans who favored new borns with small gifts and presented parents with hand-made keepsake gifts.

After World War II, the modern baby shower took shape, with friends and family gathering to celebrate the new arrival. Bottles and diapers weren’t the normal gifts presented at these modern showers. In fact, it was a popular practice to bestow helpful gifts upon the new parents, though they were usually gifts needed to help care for the baby.

Because infant mortality rates were very high in the past, friends and family typically didn’t give new born gifts to expectant parents, waiting, instead, until after the baby was born. Sometimes helpful gifts were given to the parents quite a while after the baby’s birth.

To this day, baby keepsakes are handed down generation to generation, whether they be blankets, buntings or christening gowns. So it makes sense to give expectant parents a quality gift with a personal touch. Embroidered, personalized baby gifts make keepsakes that parents will want to keep forever. After all, few moments in life are more memorable than the arrival of a newborn.

Stichin’ Chicks creates beautiful, personalized embroidery gifts for baby. Whether it’s a soft and cozy baby blanket, burp cloths or Baby Cubbies, our embroidered baby items make special baby gifts for showers, christenings, first birthdays and every occasion in between. We’ll embroider on our own products or, if you prefer, any item of your choice. For adorable baby gear that says you care, call The Stichin’ Chicks today!