Eastern Symbols for Today’s Fashionista

Japanese Figure

As a fairly young Western Culture, most of our commonly known symbols tend to relate to pop-culture or urban communication such as the peace sign and the stop sign. However, many cultures, particularly those in the Eastern part of the world, have associated signs and symbols with protection and success. For over thousands of years, these symbols have been used to avoid bad luck or evil spirits, to promote positive events such as marriage and child birth and to pay homage to deities.

Today, ancient symbols are becoming popular fashion embellishments. The exotic feel that these symbols carry, as well as their ageless quality, attracts fashion designers and fashionistas alike.

The Chinese have always been known for their interest in energy, as it relates to symbols. From animals and flowers to mythical creatures, the Chinese use these designs to decorate their homes and clothing.

Here are a few common Chinese symbols and their meanings:

The butterfly symbol represents the bond of lovers, and the desire of married couples to keep romance in their lives. It is a popular theme for couples or those who desire to find that special someone. A butterfly, embroidered on a set of pillowcases, is a wonderful gift for a newly married couple, and if you’re looking for love yourself, a pretty butterfly at a neckline or collar may help lead you in the right direction.

The horse is associated with success in business and quick advancement. A loyal animal known for its endurance, the horse is a strong symbol of achievement. A handkerchief with a small horse embroidered on the lower left hand corner is a great gift for a business man or woman on the rise.

As a mythical creature who rises from its own ashes, the phoenix is considered a powerful sign by the Chinese. It represents good fortune, resilience and opportunity. As a decoration on a bag or an article of clothing, this symbol is a sign of strength for anyone going through a difficult challenge. A reminder that, though life is often painful, it is possible to rise from difficulties a stronger and more powerful person.

The orchid is an exotic and classic blossom. For the Chinese, it represents fertility, abundance and growth. The symbol is thought to bring prosperity and open our lives to unexpected beauty. Embroider a trim of orchids on soft white bath towels for a thoughtful anniversary or shower gift.

Whether these symbols have real power, or whether they simply help focus our energies toward our goals, isn’t certain. But when we’re wearing clothing in shades and designs we love, we can’t help but feel good about our world. At Stitchin’ Chicks you can custom design your own embroidered clothing and accessories using the colors and symbols that represent your own hopes, dreams and passions. Contact Stitchin' Chicks today for more information.

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