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Yenmet Metallic Threads
Metallic Threads

Metallic threads come in all different shades of color, each with the beautiful shiny finish they are known for. Mix and match with your favorite hues for a perfect one-of-a-kind design. Looks great on denim garments or holiday décor.
Madera Variegated ThreadsIsacord Variegated Threads
Variegated Threads

As their name implies, these brilliant multi-hued threads add tones of coordinating color to any project. A name or monogram pops out in shades of green and pink, or add a touch of fantasy to the petals of a flower or the wings of a butterfly with the red and purple or yellow and gold.
Saworsky Crystals

Traditionally used on wedding gowns and veils, these crystals are now showing up on everything from t-shirts and tank tops to shoes and totes. They add a dazzle of sparkle, to any garment or accessory.

Threads photo's from Threadelight & Swarovski Crystal photo for Paklinks.com