Ethnic-Style Embroidered Clothing Embellishments

Clothing styles with ethnic flare are always popular, especially among those who like to dress to the beat of their own drum. Actress Angelina Jolie, who has adopted children from various exotic locations throughout the world, enjoys dressing in clothing that reflects her international interests and tastes. Getting this same striking style is easy for those who enjoy wearing embroidered clothing.

India, as well as much of the Middle East, favors heavily embroidered clothing in bright shades of red, metallic gold and peacock blue embroidery floss. Complex patterns of flowers, stars and diamonds accent light-weight and shimmery fabric. You can achieve the same look by adding an extra long, brightly colored and heavily embroidered scarf to your little black evening dress.

The Asian cultures use the simple lines in their silk jackets and dresses as a canvas for elaborate embroidered designs using highly polished threads. Fortunately, you don’t have to dress in a full Japanese kimono to incorporate the style in your own wardrobe. A t-shirt, cotton sweater or vest, will take on exotic notes when embellished with a spray of cherry blossoms or butterflies down the front or over the shoulder.

Full skirts and blouses trimmed with rustic embroidered edging are common in Mexican apparel and it’s easy to duplicate by using bright primary colored threads. A plain, full or tiered skirt embroidered around the waist, middle and hem or a peasant blouse with a trim of rustic blue birds and sunflowers across the neck will add a south-of-the-border touch to your everyday wardrobe.

Ready to turn an average piece of clothing into a distinctive garment of exotic elegance? No matter which country or world style you decide upon, the embroidery experts at Stitchin’ Chicks will work with you to create a pattern with a splash of ethnic flavor!  Once you approve your pattern, we'll embellish your clothing or accessory item according to your specifications.  Contact us today for a quote on our embroidery services!