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Baby Cubbies

Stuffies are our signature line, and come with a removable stuffing pod so we can embroider the little cutie directly on his or her stomach. There are currently nine different Stuffies available We also offer Birth Square Designs.

This friendly elephant (available in either blue or pink) has a pair of really large, floppy ears. But nobody laughs at them – that’s because they are perfect for personalizing!

Snuggle Buddy Blankies
The cutest little baby-blankie ever!! This delightful little blankie comes in a pink rabbit, blue doggie and a darling green frog.

Sleepy Time Chucky Butty
With a name like “Sleepy Time Chucky Butty”, you can’t go wrong. This adorable striped monkey is available in either blue or pink, and has a blanket ready for personalizing.