Computerized Machine Embroidery

Machine embroidery creates patterns on textiles using a sewing machine or embroidery machine. It is popular in the use of commercial product branding, corporate advertising, and uniform adornment. Additionally, hobbyists use machine embroidery for personal sewing or craft projects.

Interestingly, before computers became accessible to the public, most embroidery was created by punching designs on paper tape which was then put through an embroidery machine. Unfortunately, even one small error could ruin an entire design and the project would have to be started over.

Machine embroidery came about in the early stages of the industrial revolution. It imitates hand embroidered chain stitches, but must use multiple threads when creating satin and hemming stitches and only resembles hand work in appearance, not construction.

The popularity of computerized machine embroidery has grown since the late 1990s, due to falling prices in electronics such as computers, software, and embroidery machines. Some machine manufacturers even began to market their own lines of embroidery patterns, with Individuals and independent companies following suit. Additionally, free embroidery designs can now be found on the internet.

Machine embroidery is created using two methods. Free-motion sewing machine embroidery employs the use of a basic zigzag sewing machine. Mainly used for tailoring, the zigzag machine lacks automated features found in more specialized machines. The second type, computerized machine embroidery, uses an embroidery machine or sewing/embroidery machine which typically has a framing system to hold fabric taut and moves automatically to create a pre-programmed digital embroidery design.

Much of today’s contemporary embroidery is created with a computerized embroidery machine. Computerized embroidery is a popular medium for adding logos and monograms to business and team apparel, as well as gifts and household items.

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