The Meaning and Symbolism of Color

Multi Colored FabricWhen the United States was first created, our forefathers chose colors for our flag that represented our strengths and aspirations as a nation. The colors of red, white and blue were both complementary in nature but also represented powerful characteristics. Red stands for valor and hardiness, white signifies honor and honesty while blue represents justice, perseverance and vigilance.

In the study of Color Psychology, each shade represents certain characteristics and provides physically healing properties. Though this theory is controversial, it’s fun to consider the meanings behind our favorite colors and see how closely they reflect on our own personalities.


A passionate color, red represents true love, energy, action and excitement. Looking at and wearing red is thought to boost our energy, allowing goals to be more easily reached.


A combination of passionate red and radiant yellow, orange represents the sweetness of harmony. It encourages optimism and confidence, a sign of sociability and intelligence. Orange is thought to aid in decision making.


Suggesting citrus fruit and sunshine, yellow is a radiant and creative color. It’s a brilliant and highly visible color and tends to draw attention. Yellow is one of the hardest colors for our eyes to take in and can be over stimulating, but it also helps in concentration and communication.


The color green is highly associated with mother earth and nature. It stands for fresh starts and new births. Green is a youthful color that speaks of growth and health. Green is also thought to promote compassion and physical health.


A fresh and relaxing shade that is also a familiar color in nature. Blue is a common favorite color among people and is often used in bedrooms. Businesses decorate with the color blue because employees are found to be more productive when surrounded by the shade.  Blue is thought to promote balance and self-expression.


Traditionally, purple is a color associated with royalty. It symbolizes elegance, grandeur and sensitivity.  This color is rare in nature, which is perhaps what makes it so prized and admired. Purple also has a spiritual aspect that transcends the mere mortal experience. This color enhances natural nurturing urges and provides balance and harmony.


Black is the absence of color, and yet provides depth and variation to all other colors. This paradox is what gives black its dramatic character. It represents power and formality, sophistication and mystery. Black is a force to be reckoned with and promotes stability and protection.


Healing, purity and cleanliness are all words that are associated with white. In its brilliance, white reflects all other colors and enhances their individual hues. White also represents peace and promotes order and clarity.

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