Custom Corporate Embroidery

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The Benefits of Product Embroidery

Traditionally, monogrammed gifts like towels, glassware or handkerchiefs have been considered elegant presents for major life events like weddings or the birth of a baby. However, with the recent surge of interest in personalized products, many retailers are offering personalization services for everything from scarves, to purses to clothing.
Personalized gifts say a lot about the giver. When an item is purchased and personalized, it demonstrates a high degree of forethought and imagination. A purse or bag that bears the owner's name or initials is a unique and one of a kind offering, just like the person receiving it.

Kids love to get presents with their names and initials prominently embroidered on the front. A customized beach towel or scarf reinforces a child’s pride in their identity and is especially appreciated by boys and girls whose names are unusual and can’t be found on the pre-personalized items sold in department stores.

Monogrammed items make great bridesmaid gifts, house-warming presents or a baby’s first blanket and are always treasured as memorable keepsakes. Customers also like to purchase bags and totes for themselves with their initials or name imprinted on the outside to help keep their personal belongings from getting mixed up or lost when they leave the house.

Stitchin’ Chicks are experts at custom monograms. They have years of machine embroidery experience and provide personalized embroidery service for several major retailers. Quality is important to them, so monograms made by Stitchin' Chicks always look beautiful and will last for years. Request a quote today by clicking on the retail inquiry form button on this page.

Personalized Company and Group Embroidery

If you are a large company looking for a way to make your employees stand out in a crowd, consider custom embroidered shirts or jackets. Let Stitchin’ Chicks Embroidery help you create a design that will maximize your company’s brand recognition while making your staff look sharp and professional. Stitchin’ Chicks Embroidery offers competitive pricing and high quality work.

If you are not a business, there are other reasons why you might be interested in custom designed and embroidered clothing. Large club functions, family reunions and school groups often want the unifying benefit of wearing matching clothing that promotes their organization. Stitchin’ Chicks can embroider a logo or design on hat’s, totes, polo shirts or any other fabric item.

Click on the retail inquiry form button to see if your group qualifies for a large purchase discount.

Market Your Business with Custom Embroidered Logo

Successful businesses know that in order to make money, customers need to know about their products and services and how to find them. Because of this, millions of marketing dollars are spent every year for advertising and media exposure. Companies like Nike, Coca Cola and Microsoft are so successful, in part, because their names and logos are well known and easily recognizable worldwide.

A logo is an important part of company branding. Because of this, your logo should quickly and clearly convey the basic purpose of your business, with unique symbols that connect with your customers on an emotional level. A poorly chosen or unprofessional looking logo can have negative effects on your business marketing strategy.

Once you’ve chosen a logo, the next challenge is to publicize your new brand effectively, reaching potential customers and, hopefully, your target market. Though there are many ways of accomplishing this, one you may not have considered is custom apparel. When you, or an employee, are conducting businesses in the community while wearing a shirt or hat that bears your embroidered logo, it’s like having your own advertising agency… for free! Visibility is especially important at trade shows and training classes, or when participating in charity projects.

To further maximize your company's recognition in the community, offer customer or vendor appreciation gifts that carry your logo. Items like tote bags, golfing towels and sporting event blankets are easy items to customize with your business name and logo.

The Stichin’ Chicks are experts when it comes to using embroidery for business promotion. They offer high quality digitized  embroidery designs on a vast array of apparel products, hats, totes and other accessory items. Contact The Stitchin’ Chicks today and find out how they can create an embroidered logo as impressive and recognizable as your business!